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Past event - Exhibition

History from the sea

Undersea archaeology from Atlantic wrecks

04 April to 27 September 2009

This major exhibition, which reaches Nantes after travelling around western France for the last four years, displays the finds from 20 years of undersea archaeological exploration in the Atlantic. With 550 important pieces from some forty shipwrecks, mostly dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the visitor was invited to experience the archaeological search as if actually diving. Little by little, it reveals the daily life of historic ships and the maritime history of the western Atlantic.


The exhibition has been awarded the quality mark «exhibition of national importance» by the Ministry of Culture.

As a result, it received financial support by the State.


Tour 2005 – 2009: Douarnenez / Saint-Brieuc / Ile Tatihou / Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne / Saint-Malo / Rennes / Quiberon / Nantes


Curators: Michel L’Hour and Elisabeth Veyrat (underwater archaeologists of the Ministry of Culture)

Scénography: Agence Fouet’ Cocher, Jean-Pierre et Christian Baudu

Poster exhibition "History from the sea"
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