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Past event - Art installation

Patrick Dougherty

Fit for a queen

From 27 June 2014 to 9 February 2016
In the moat gardens - Free entrance

A project by the parks and environment service.


American artist Patrick Dougherty has developed a singular set of skills constructing vegetal and ephemeral structures made of branches, swirling in perpetual movement, and sometimes reaching monumental proportions. His sculptures invent new spaces that visitors are invited to enter and explore, allowing them to rediscover a site that has suddenly been revealed and modified through these tangled-branch structures, complete with their own passageways and windows.


In the castle moat, Patrick Dougherty has created a dialogue between the solid stone castle, which has deeply marked the city’s history, and a fragile, vibrant and ephemeral installation made with students from the city’s best schools during a workshop.

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